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Arrival of Mikrotik’s CWDM Mux/Demux

Hi Everyone

Great News for all of you whom own or rented dark fiber over a large distance. Mikrotik’s 8 in 1 CWDM ( Coarse wavelength division multiplexing ) is here in store & it looks great. This means with very little investment you can increase your traffic over the same fiber 8 folds. The beauty of the solution is that it is passive with no power requirements & you can mix & match 1.25G traffic & 10G traffic on each individual wavelength.

The distance between the nodes as well as data throughput (1.25G or 10G) is driven by the CWDM SFP modules inserted. We currently have 40 km for 1.25G  & 10 km for 10G. However we will be bringing 1.25G upto 120 km & 10G upto 80 km in the near future. You would need to purchase the CWDM in a pair & also SFP modules of each color in pairs. The colors indicate the wavelength used; for example Green indicates 1530 nm & Brown is 1610 nm.

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