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Open Networking

With the arrival of new cloud based applications; user demands for faster & more sophisticated data requirements as well as soon to be launched 5G communication; demand for faster & higher capacity switches are driving demand & will play an important role in development of next generation networks.

The traditional manufacturers such as CISCO, Juniper, HP & Huawei……. Intend to keep equipment aggregated so as a switch hardware & software are bonded together as a proprietary box to monopolize & manipulate the customer & market. Centralized & aggregated switching works best to manipulate customers.

We advocate Open switching standards & open switching OS installed on non-propriety hardware platform in an effort to de-aggregate the switch from it’s software. This in turn enables application development on top of the OS bringing innovative solutions at a fraction of aggregated switch cost.

Edgecore Networks are at forefront of delivering open networking & bare-metal hardware to the enterprise as well as data centers.

We invite you to take a look at this presentation for SDN (Software Defined Networking) simple illustration.

Edgecore Network Corporation
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