RockShieldTM is the rock solid shielding enclosure for UBNT RocketTM Radios. RockShieldTM is extremely compact, light and easy to install shield providing RF and also environmental protection of UBNTTM RocketTM Radios.

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RockShieldTM is the most compact and easy to use shielding enclosure on the market. LEDs remain visible, access to cables is practical through sliding cover. Slide covers securing thumb screw is captive and gloves-friendly.

RockShieldTM was designed to appear as invisible. It wraps the plastic RocketTMradio in a minute, allowing the shielded radio to remain compact, fully functional and increases its weight only marginally. LEDs on the radio remain visible, and shielded RocketTM radio can be clipped back to the antenna!

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Dimensions 2 × 8 × 4 cm


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