Sector Carrier Class 5GHz 20dBi 2X2

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Sector Carrier Class

Best in class 5 GHz dBi 20 gain Vertical Vertical Horizontal co-location ability, balanced beam performance, compact aluminium design.
   Frequency Range  5240 – 5850 MHz
   Gain 20 dBi

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Balanced Antenna systems for MiMo performance

Unlike most competitors, RF elements sector antennas are optimized for balanced performance between H & V antenna systems. Due to balanced radiation patterns and gain, carrier class sectors excel in MiMo performance.

Light & Compact

Antenna body and brackets are made of aluminium. Antennas are compact and light, A class ahead of its competitors.

BackShieldTM for Cluster Deployments

Frequency selective reflectors are integrated into the antenna structure to attenuate side lobes and back side near-field radiation. BackShieldTMsignificantly improves co-location ability in cluster sector deployments.

Cost Effective

Extensive amount of powerful features at no extra cost. Do not pay extra for shields and save on tower rental and shipping fees.

List of compatible platforms includes:

UBNTTM RocketTM Titanium

RF elements® RockShieldTM
RF elements® StationBox® S Carrier Class
RF elements® StationBox® S

MikroTikTM Netbox*
MikroTikTM Basebox*
MikroTikTM Netmetal*

Cambium NetworksTM ePMP1000TM
Connectorized Radios*

*with EasyBracketTM

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Dimensions 4 × 45 × 9 cm


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