StationBox® ALU Carrier Class

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StationBox® ALU CARRIER CLASS is fully weatherproof outdoor enclosure for larger Mikrotik wireless platforms and access points. This enclosure supports MikroTik RouterBoard RB435!

Cast aluminium construction is covered with UV resistant paint. This enclosure offers excellent weather resistance and improved RF noise protection

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Mounting bracket is made of high resistant PA6 plastic and enables installation on the pole or on the wall. Installation is easy and quick – just hang up the enclosure and secure the locking screw. Plastic mounting bracket also helps to isolate mechanical vibrations coming from the pole to the enclosure and electronics.

Corrosion resistance is secured by using only high grade materials. Enclosure is made of casted aluminium and covered with UV resistant paint. All hardware is made of Stainless Steel. Body screws are captive, they do not fall out when released. Additional features can be achieved by using optional accessories, as pigtails or waterproof grounded RJ-45 connectors

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 4 × 13 × 10 cm


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