StationBox® S Carrier Class

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StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS is fully shielded compact outdoor enclosure which reduces radio interference from other radios for RouterBoard™ RB91x. and RB411 series. StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS is made of die cast aluminium and can be mounted on UBNT airMax™ Antennas and RF elements Sectors and Dish antennas.

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Made For MikroTik™
StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS is shielded aluminium enclosure designed for RouterBoard™ RB91x. Integration of RouterBoard™ is easy and requires minimum effort. StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS comes with preinstalled pigtails, so all you need is to fix the RouterBoard™ and connect its radio ports. Visibility of LEDs is maintained.

When designing CARRIER CLASS equipment, one of the main goals was to eliminate unwanted RF radiation. Our endeavour resulted in full die cast enclosure body design, unique and original in its approach. StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS offers shielding and protection through full aluminium enclosure performed in well proven umbrella design.

Snaps to Antenna
StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS can be easily put on and off UBNT airMax™ Antennas, RF elements antennas and all other antennas equipped with compatible radio mount. StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS is seamlessly integrated with RF elements CARRIER CLASS Sectors and Dish antennas, in both design and function.

StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS is designed to last long. Body parts are made of die cast aluminium and covered by UV resistant paint for increased durability. All hardware is made of Stainless Steel. Antenna bracket is made of high quality outdoor rated ABS plastic. StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS survives in the most demanding outdoor conditions.

Expandable Connectivity
StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS enables installation of additional radio cards inside the enclosure. For those who need custom set-up in their deployments, we included 5 pre-molded positions for installation of additional RF ports for connections with more antennas, and two more pre-molded positions in bottom cover for passing ethernet or USB cables.

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