StationBox® XL5 CC

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Wireless Outdoor Aluminium Enclosure with Integrated Dual Polarization Antenna,  full waterproof  Rating and 3-Axis Mounting System.

StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS is aluminium outdoor antenna enclosure all in one design to meet highest requirements on performance, durability and environmental resistance

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19dBi 5GHz Dual Pollarization Antenna
StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS has built in dual polarization antennas with 19dBi gain (max.) in 5GHz. New innovative antenna design is addressing customer requirements for increased gain and reduced side lobes in antenna radiation pattern. To eliminate RF losses, we integrated semi-flex waveguides with MMCX connectors.

Aluminium Enclosure with IP65
StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS is built to meet requirements for IP65 rating for environmental resistance. Enclosure and base of NanoBracket® are made of die cast aluminium. All hardware is made of Stainless Steel. Radome and plastic parts are made of high quality outdoor rated ABS plastic. Ethernet connector is outdoor rated and water resistant. Silicone gaskets are applied.

StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS comes directly from factory equipped with NanoBracket®, our ultimate mounting solution proven by more than 100.000 of installations. 3-Axis NanoBracket® positioning system allows you to adjust the position of StationBox® in three axis using ball hinge. StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS can be easily mounted on the pole or on the wall. 3-Axis Bracket uses ball hinge with special fast locking system that can be operated with one hand, even when wearing winter gloves.

Made For MikroTik™
StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS is designed for seamless integration with MikroTik™ RouterBoards RB91x, RB71x and RB41x with integrated radios. The integration of the board requires no tools and takes couple of seconds: just snap the board in. Visibility of RouterBoard LEDs is maintained.

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StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS 5GHz, 19dBi

Compatible Devices

RouterBoard™ RB911, RB912, RB711, RB411

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 11 × 15 cm


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