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Mikrotik GPEN concept

Innovative Access Network Solution for Internet Service Providers

GPEN (Gigabit Passive Ethernet Network) Concept


Cut costs, not speed – forget about the expensive GPON!
This is the cheapest way for any ISP to deliver high-speed internet to individual apartments.

The 100 meter limitation of Ethernet cable in data networking enabled the advent of GPON concept . This was specially exciting for large or tier 1 service providers with huge resources to deliver service to multi-dwelling subscribers in a relatively low cost manner using fiber.

However Mikrotik have found an innovative & extremely low cost method to use the available CAT 5/6 cabling found in many buildings to deliver fast Internet service to multi-dwelling subscribers at a fraction of the cost of GPON. This would enable smaller ISPs to deliver similar service as GPON with much smaller cost, immediate implementation & use the current infrastructure.

To fully understand how the GPEN concept works please visit below link for a comprehensive presentation.

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