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Managed VPN services

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We are delighted to offer managed Mikrotik VPN services for a subscription to our customers.

Why does anyone need Managed VPN services?

A number of small to medium size enterprises may have satellite offices, outlets, shops or individuals working away from the office. In order for their distributed resources to work together in a single data network; virtualisation of LAN (Local area network) through implementation of VPN (virtual private network) in their office has become standard procedure.

This is perfect for larger companies with an IT department running the infrastructure (including the VPN server) in the background. As we are all aware VPN servers requires management & maintenance.

  • VPN server setup.
  • VPN server updates.
  • Updates in technology & protocol upgrades.
  • Maintenance of users.
  • Creating new users & update of current user status.
  • Maintaining the security of VPN server.
  • Update of security protocols & forewalling of VPN server.
  • and more…..

Added to the above list they require tangible investment in VPN high availability server hardware, high quality Internet connectivity & UPS (Uninterruptible power supply).

These costs consuming tasks also requires knowledgeable personnel. The total proposition is expensive & hard to assemble. This is specially prohibitive for smaller organizations with limited resources in capital, manpower & most importantly a business which outsource most of their IT work to third party.

Our managed VPN services

  • No server required at any of your locations.
  • No IT expert required at any of your locations.
  • No Updates or upgrades.
  • No management of users required.
  • Edge of technology Fastest & most secured VPN technology available.
  • Subscription based; add or delete users/locations any time.
  • Service hosted at 99.99% availability cloud.

Please see below video presentation & contact us for further information.

Managed VPN Services
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Mikrotik enters consumer Market

Ever since Market launched their router hardware & software combined products in the global market place their main audience has been system integrators & service providers with extensive knowledge of routerOS.

That approach still continues for the higher end equipment but Mikrotik have now decided to make a substantial inroad in to consumer market. By introducing the Home App their CPE (customer premises equipment) to allow the consumer to easily configure their home routers & APs with little to no networking know-how.

Who said Mikrotik has to be complicated ?

With the launch of MikroTik Home app any beginner can get started in a few super-simple steps. Home & SOHO users can take control of their CPE device. This application allows service providers & system integrators to introduce Mikrotik CPEs to a much larger audience.

The Android version is currently available & the iPhone App will be available summer 2021. For more information please click below:

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Mikrotik GPEN concept

Innovative Access Network Solution for Internet Service Providers

GPEN (Gigabit Passive Ethernet Network) Concept


Cut costs, not speed – forget about the expensive GPON!
This is the cheapest way for any ISP to deliver high-speed internet to individual apartments.

The 100 meter limitation of Ethernet cable in data networking enabled the advent of GPON concept . This was specially exciting for large or tier 1 service providers with huge resources to deliver service to multi-dwelling subscribers in a relatively low cost manner using fiber.

However Mikrotik have found an innovative & extremely low cost method to use the available CAT 5/6 cabling found in many buildings to deliver fast Internet service to multi-dwelling subscribers at a fraction of the cost of GPON. This would enable smaller ISPs to deliver similar service as GPON with much smaller cost, immediate implementation & use the current infrastructure.

To fully understand how the GPEN concept works please visit below link for a comprehensive presentation.

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Mikrotik’s 54 port switch


The CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+RM is an awesome performer in the world of switches. This switch has all the features & capabilities of a layer 3 router with superb switching features at below USD 500 price mark. There are a number of 48 port switches at this price point; however this powerful switch has 48 x 1G RJ45 ports and 4 x 10G SFP+ ports. There are also 2 x 40G QSFP+ ports for extremely fast fiber connections or linking with other 40 Gbps devices. The total non-blocking throughput is 168 Gbps, switching capacity is 336 Gbps and the forwarding rate reaches 235 Mpps. Similar price point switches have less than half of CRS354 non-blocking throughput capacity & one third of the packet forwarding capability.

amazing price performance for the enterprise, data centers ………..