Solimedia Technology Inc.’s philosophy on training is commendable and reflects a growing awareness in the industry about the importance of unbiased education. The principle that trainers should remain impartial and not direct learners towards options that primarily benefit the trainer financially is a cornerstone of ethical education practices. It ensures that the knowledge imparted is in the best interest of the learner.

Here we introduce independent Mikrotik trainers & can assist in arranging your training with the trainer. We are not financially involved in the training course & our only gain is that our customers will be able to deploy better designed networks after the training.

CSPE (Mr. Alain Casault ) is recognized as one of the top Mikrotik training facilities in North America, conducting Mikrotik training in both official languages of Canada (French & English). Alain not only gives you a world class understanding of Mikrotik but also gives you a broader outlook on how to deploy Mikrotik & take advantage of it’s many hidden capabilities.

To find out more please visit CSPE site in the link below:

alternatively you can write to or Alain Casault