Our Company

Solimedia Technology Inc.

a privately held Canadian corporation registered in British Columbia.

Our company specialize in providing Internet connectivity equipment & devices. Solimedia product portfolio is suited to Internet service providers, system integrator & technical savvy individuals. Corporations looking to set up next generation wired, fibre & wireless data networking would benefit by implementing our products. These include Data routing, Data switching, Voice & telephony Over IP, Video Conferencing  over IP as well as  surveillance & security over IP.

Our team

Our team of engineers are all degree holders & have over 100 man-hour years experience in design & implementation of wireless, fibre & wired data networks globally. Solimedia’s technical team (which are located in different continents & different time zones) are ready to help with your questions on products & application. E-mail support@solimedia.net

We don’t just sell you a box we are committed to work with you to make sure your network is functioning efficiently & effectively.


Our company is fully registered in Canada. Solimedia Technology Inc. has provided Data networking systems to the largest Telcos & has shipped to more than 2,000 customers (be it service providers, system integrator or corporate) in North America. We are proud of our partnership with our customers.