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Managed VPN services

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We are delighted to offer managed Mikrotik VPN services for a subscription to our customers.

Why does anyone need Managed VPN services?

A number of small to medium size enterprises may have satellite offices, outlets, shops or individuals working away from the office. In order for their distributed resources to work together in a single data network; virtualisation of LAN (Local area network) through implementation of VPN (virtual private network) in their office has become standard procedure.

This is perfect for larger companies with an IT department running the infrastructure (including the VPN server) in the background. As we are all aware VPN servers requires management & maintenance.

  • VPN server setup.
  • VPN server updates.
  • Updates in technology & protocol upgrades.
  • Maintenance of users.
  • Creating new users & update of current user status.
  • Maintaining the security of VPN server.
  • Update of security protocols & forewalling of VPN server.
  • and more…..

Added to the above list they require tangible investment in VPN high availability server hardware, high quality Internet connectivity & UPS (Uninterruptible power supply).

These costs consuming tasks also requires knowledgeable personnel. The total proposition is expensive & hard to assemble. This is specially prohibitive for smaller organizations with limited resources in capital, manpower & most importantly a business which outsource most of their IT work to third party.

Our managed VPN services

  • No server required at any of your locations.
  • No IT expert required at any of your locations.
  • No Updates or upgrades.
  • No management of users required.
  • Edge of technology Fastest & most secured VPN technology available.
  • Subscription based; add or delete users/locations any time.
  • Service hosted at 99.99% availability cloud.

Please see below video presentation & contact us for further information.

Managed VPN Services
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