Armored Connectorised Fibre Optic cable w/Duplex LC


Armored Spliceless single mode Fiber optic cable module for indoor cabling with LC/UPC at both ends . Extremely robust with steel armor & light weight; weighs. This revolutionary solutions allow you to install fiber optic within the building without having to use splicers & fusion or any other accessories. Connect as many of the modules needed to connect in-building fiber highway.

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Many Mikrotik routers now come with a single or multiple SFP cage for fibre connectivity capability. Modern network equipment ustilises the lightning speed of fibre optics which has neither capacity nor distance limits within the building. The normal CAT5/6 cable presents challenges for connections over long indoor distances (loop limitation) as well as capacity. On top of that the heavy weight, high price of CAT 5/6 is also another negative factor. On the other hand Splicing of fibre cable presents a huge problem. Our Spliceless Fibre Optic Cable module resolves this problem, easily. Just get our modules & connect them up with our Dual Fibre Fast connectors & the possibilities are limitless.

  1. Good mechanical and environmental characteristics
  2. Flame retardant characteristics meet the requirements of relevant standards
  3. The mechanical characteristics of jacket meets the requirements of international standards
  4. Soft, flexible, easy to lay and spliceless, and with big capacity data transmission
  5. Tight buffer fibre is produced as that fibre is sheathed by buffer material, for top-quality fibre
  6. Good uniformity of the outer diameter of tight buffer fibre and excellent strip ability
  7. Good performance of flame-retardant and low induced attenuation within the operating temperature ranges
  8. PVC, LSZH, Plenum, PU or Hytrel outer sheath and diameter of tight buffer: 900um, 650um or 600um

Indoor Optical Cable Description

With the fast development of fiber optic communication technology and the trend of FTTX, indoor fiber optic cables are more and more required to be installed between and inside buildings. This indoor fiber optic cable is G.652D standard. Compared with outdoor use fiber cable, indoor fiber optic cable experience less temperature and mechanical stress, but they have to be moisture proof, & the armoring makes the cable more robust. It also has to be fire retardant, emit a low level of smoke in case of burning. And indoor fiber cables allow a small bend radius to make them be amendable to vertical installation and handle easily.

This single-mode optical fiber (SMF, ITU-T. G.652.D) has significantly reduced optical attenuation at water absorption wavelength around 1383nm. It provides expanded transmission window from 1310nm to 1550nm continuously. This optical fiber is designed and manufactured to meet the requirement in applications in optical fiber communication networks, cable TV, utilities, and special optical networks.

This fiber has low attenuation over a wide wavelength range and its high performance coating ensures long term reliability.


  • Low attenuation
  • Long term reliability
  • Excellent bending resistance and geometrical properties


  • Optical fiber networks
  • R&D and lab use
  • Optical fiber sensors





Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 12 × 12 cm
Fiber Length

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