The CRS326-4C+20G+2Q+RM is Mikrotik’s top-of-the-line switch with incredible 2.5 Gigabit port density, combo ports, and even a pair of 40 Gbps QSFP+ cages. Enterprise-level game changer at an incredibly a low price.

  • The mighty Marvell Prestera switch-chip
  • 20 ports of 2.5G copper.
  • 4 ports of combo 2.5G copper or 10G fibre.
  • 4 ports of 40G fibre.

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Mikrotik CRS326-4C+20G+2Q+RM

The CRS326 switch is a testament to the evolution of networking technology, addressing the growing demand for higher bandwidth and more efficient data management.

The device comes with 20x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, it offers ample connectivity for a multitude of devices. The 4x COMBO ports provide the versatility needed for expanding network demands, doubling as either additional Ethernet ports or 10G SFP+ interfaces.

Furthermore inclusion of 2x 40 Gigabit QSFP+ cages demonstrates a forward-thinking approach, ensuring that the switch is not just meeting current standards but is in tune with future advancements in network technology.

The Marvell Prestera switch-chip is the powerhouse behind this device, equipped with a dedicated CPU to manage a variety of network tasks efficiently. Its capability to support VLANs, Jumbo frames, link aggregation, and ACL rules, along with some Layer3 routing, makes it a robust solution for complex networking requirements.

The dual-redundant power supplies and the additional management port are thoughtful additions that underscore the switch’s reliability and long-term value.

MikroTik’s CRS326 is more than just hardware; it’s a solution born from practical needs, as illustrated by the company’s video team. Their use case highlights the switch’s ability to facilitate a high-speed, interconnected environment without the necessity of a dedicated rack, optimizing space and resources. This scenario showcases the switch’s capacity to deliver maximum throughput across all ports, significantly enhancing productivity and creative output in a demanding setting. The CRS326 is indeed a versatile and future-proof tool that can serve as the cornerstone of a modern, high-performance network.


Product code CRS326-4C+20G+2Q+RM
Architecture MIPSBE
CPU core count 1
CPU nominal frequency 650 MHz
Switch chip model 98DX8332
RouterOS license 6
Operating System RouterOS v7
Size of RAM 128 MB
Storage size 32 MB
Storage type FLASH
MTBF Approximately 200’000 hours at 25C
Tested ambient temperature -20°C to 60°C
Suggested price $999.00


Number of AC inputs 2
AC input range 100-240
Max power consumption 70 W
Max power consumption without attachments 51 W
Cooling type 2 fans


10/100 Ethernet ports 1
Number of 2.5G Ethernet ports 20
Number of Combo 10G Ethernet/ SFP+ ports 4* (2.5G ETH/10G SFP+)


Number of 40G QSFP+ ports 2


Serial console port RJ45


PCB temperature monitor Yes
Voltage Monitor Yes


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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 38 × 8 cm


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